Black Butler


 119 min    2014

The story is set in Asia in 2020 when West and East cultures are mixed in confusion. A young girl Genpou Shiori is a descendant of the the Phantomhive noble family. Shiori runs a large enterprise, Funtom Company, and she disguises herself in male attire, naming herself “Kiyoharu”. The family only allows males to be the head of the family, and they have also been tasked with the duty to solve difficult cases that happen in the underbelly of society by order of the queen. In order to get revenge, she gave up her life as a woman and made a contract with the demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, in which Sebastian protects Shiori until she completes her revenge in exchange for devouring her soul. Based on 1978 TV Asahi animated TV series "Space Pirate Captain Harlock," which is based off of the manga series "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" by Leiji Matsumoto (published in "Play Comic" from 1977 to 1979).

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